Mike Ryan

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Mike Ryan

Systems Manager
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“This is the part where you choose your next words very carefully.”

Mike is a jack-of-all-trades. Since graduating from Widener University, he’s punched the clock as a physical sciences teacher, an analytical chemist, a Microsoft training specialist, and a director of information services. What can we say? The man’s versatile — a regular MacGyver. At 20nine, Mike applies his many talents to anything and everything from developing custom programming for websites to servicing interactive retainer clients — whatever needs doing to get the project done — faster than a speeding bullet and all in time to kiss the missus and tuck in his newborn son. When the capes off, he enjoys mowing down a horde of pixilated alien invaders or catching the latest Anime flick in preparation for Otakon — one of the largest Anime fan conventions outside of Japan — which, of course, he helps run.

Something that changed your life?

First my wife, and then my son.

I’d rather be…

…playing video games.

What have you learned over your lifetime that you would tell the younger you?

No really, you want to make a career out of what you love to do.

Pizza topping you love?

Roasted green peppers.

Travel: that place
that you'd love to go to?

I'd love to go to Japan some time.
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