Kevin Hammond

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Kevin Hammond

Associate Creative Director
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“I'm not scared of tornadoes, shark attacks or falling off a cliff. You know what scares me the most? Sneezing while driving. ”

Kevin is a glutton for inspiration. He’s an art director, a designer, a photographer, a silkscreener, an avid music fan, and a fiend for the outdoors. He lives with a chronic creative itch he can’t quite seem to scratch, which is just fine by him. He heads the truly gifted and witty design crew at 20nine, who he coaxes to discover the big idea. Outside the bubble, Kevin is much the same. You can find him and his wife carving up the slopes or traveling or hitting the concert trail in search of inspiration—trying, as always, to scratch the itch.

I’d rather be…

Speaking to you face to face

An app you can’t live without?

Adobe Illustrator

A YouTube video that always makes you laugh?

David After Dentist

What was your first job, and how did you get it?

I worked in a basement of a flower shop folding boxes at the age of 12. I got the job because I was born the son of the owner.

What have you learned over your lifetime that you would tell the younger you?

Wear a helmet, marry that girl you met in high school and invest every cent in Apple and Google.
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