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John Dean

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“My dog ate 10 loaves of bread!”

John is a Philly boy through-and-through: Philly sports, Philly cheese steaks, Philly way-of-life. But he's no Broad Street bully. He's a family man (what's tougher?). When he's not with his wife and whirling dervish of a daughter, he's braving the outdoors with his dog, Ralph, dreaming of white water rapids, snow powder as deep as his board can handle, and the feel of ice under his hockey skates.

What was your first job, and how did you get it?

Digging worms for the local tackle store. I found an apple mill where the soil was saturated with worms. The owners knew a good thing as soon as they saw me.

Something that changed my life?

Game #1 Sixers vs Lakers June 6, 2001. The 76ers won and I met my wife.

Favorite year of your life?

2011. I'm a man of the future. I cherish the past but I'm more excited for what's coming next.

Favorite city, or a city you could see yourself living in?

Denver without a doubt. We are an outdoor family and plan to head west eventually.

Biggest Inspiration?

My Dad. 41 years working for the same company and never called in sick. That defines work ethic.
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