Greg Ricciardi

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Greg Ricciardi

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“Dogs have Owners, Cats have Staff.”

Greg is a man of contradictions.
He is a cat lover and a motor-head;
a disciplined carpenter and an unapologetic foodie; a board member of the Philadelphia Shakespeare Theatre and a rabid Flyers fan. You could say, he’s an eclectic, but at the end of day he’s a man with a
singular vision. To be the best.

Chocolate or Vanilla?

Without question, Chocolate!

Favorite year of your life?

First year of if I could just remember what happened.

What did you want to
be when you grew up?

A trust fund baby…but I think you need to be born that way.

What have you learned over
your lifetime that you would tell
your younger self?

You're gonna be's OK...the shaved head will make you look like a bad ass.

Biggest inspiration?

My wife…continues to inspire me everyday.
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