Elizabeth DePaul

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Elizabeth DePaul

Copywriter Intern
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“I'm a fan of all things edible.”
Liz is a word nerd. She reads, she writes, she reads about writing, and she writes about reading - most of which is attributed to her English and Communication Studies major at Saint Joseph's University, where is she is a senior. As a fan of all things edible, Liz is a dessert lover and believes firmly in the fact that no meal is complete without something sweet. When she's not analyzing the great American novel or serving as 20nine's copyright intern, Liz occupies her time by writing a weekly food column for the school paper, obsessing over her miniature schnauzer, Maisy, and counting down the days until the temperature rises above fifty degrees.

Something that changed your life:

Studying abroad in Rome last fall. They were the best and most delicious four months of my life.

Most Visited Website:


Never have I ever:

Eaten cotton candy. Apparently I am majorly missing out.

Chocolate or vanilla:

Without a doubt – chocolate.

80's show you could watch all the re-runs of:

Golden Girls -- I've seen every episode, and own every season on DVD. Collector's Edition.
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